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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have bad credit history. Will I get an approval for auto loans?

Fidelity Auto Loan has a very high approval rate. We will be able to provide you the right help no matter how bad your credit situation is.

2. Is it compulsory to have a co-signer?

It is not a requirement for have a co-signer. But with a co-signer you can get better interest rates.

3. I have no credit. Can I get auto loans?

If you have no credit, then you can start your loan journey with us. We can assure you it will be a good one.

4. What interest rates will I qualify for?

The interest rates you will pay for auto loans will depend on loan amount, term, credit rating, repayment ability and market trends.

5. Is my personal information secure?

Our loan application form is absolutely secure. Each and every detail that you provide for at Fidelity Auto Loan will be treated as confidential.

6. What are the charges of applying?

The application process is absolutely FREE!

7. How much time will it take to get an approval?

As soon as you apply, we start the processing of your application. Upon approval within a few hours you get the finance. And then you can buy any car of your choice immediately.

8. What kind of vehicle I am entitled to buy?

You can buy any new or used vehicle of your choice, which includes SUVs, cars, vans, trucks.
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